Australian Holistic Management Cooperative

About Us

AHMC and Land to Market Australia

Land to Market Australia is a program run by the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative Limited. Uniquely, this project is being driven by producers and farmers themselves.

Members of the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative are part of a global network committed to farming practices that measurably regenerate the land. We provide members with training, support, mentoring and verified branding of their produce.

We work closely with the Savory Institute, whose mission is the large-scale regeneration of the world's degraded grasslands through Holistic Management. We offer Ecological Outcome Verification, an assessment scheme to measure the health of soil, biodiversity and ecosystems, and promote Land to Market Australia produce through distinctive EOV branding.

The Australian Holistic Management Cooperative gratefully acknowledges the financial and other support it received in 2017-18 from The Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program (Farming Together Program).

The Board of the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative

The board is comprised of:

  • Executive Chair: Tony Hill
  • Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer: Chris Main
  • Ian Chapman
  • Rebecca Gorman
  • Brian Wehlburg


Tony Hill has extensive experience with governance and project management including roles as President of the Internet Society of Australia, President of the Australasian Research Management Society and Chair of the National ICT Industry Alliance. Tony runs Capital Hill Consulting, which focuses on strategic planning for Cooperative Research Centres, which have attracted grants of $20-$40 million and matching funds of three to four times this amount. He and his wife Jane Keany run Illalangi Farm at Mt Fairy, using Holistic Management principles to build biodiversity and soil fertility.

Chris Main has a family business based on properties west of Cootamundra in Wiradjuri Country, which aim to produce quality food and fibre while improving landscape function and ecological outcomes. He is working to increase productivity by implementing grazing management strategies that increase native perennial grass species and thus increase resilience.

Ian Chapman leads the Hooves to Humus (Savory Institute) Hub in New South Wales and is an experienced farmer, primary producer and VET educator. He and his wife Sharon run Glenroy, a 400 hectare property at Store Creek, 40 minutes drive north of Orange. They produce pastured products such as beef and pork in a regenerative way, and all stock are handled using stress-free techniques.

Rebecca Gorman has a background in journalism, and now raises beef on Yabtree West near Gundagai in southern NSW, using the principles of Holistic Management to focus on regenerating soil and improving the land's general biodiversity. She uses the tools of planned rotational grazing, extensive tree planting and Natural Sequence farming.

Brian Wehlburg delivers Holistic Management training and consultation throughout Australia, and is a board member of Holistic Management International. He has experience as a farmer and grazier both in Africa and Australia and is passionate about the importance of regenerative farming in our way forward.