Australian Holistic Management Cooperative

Frequently Asked Questions

AHMC and Land to Market Australia

  • What is Land to Market Australia?

    The first (farmer-driven market transformation) program in this country to identify and address the need and emerging demand for ecological outcomes verification. It is part of a global movement instigated by the Savory Institute and is now run by the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative.

    Land to Market Australia grew out of the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative Project, made possible by support from the Australian Government's Farming Together program. The program is differentiated from others in that it is a grassroots, bottom-up concept driven by Australian farmers and producers themselves.

  • Who initiated this program?

    In Australia, a consortium of committed land stewards from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland – who deserve recognition for the work they are already doing – conceived a farmer-driven market transformation program to build the community they live in and build the broader community support they need. The global movement is being led by Savory Institute in collaboration with their network of farmers around the world.

  • What is the seal which will be awarded to the land where improvements to soil, water or environment are clearly measured and checked?

    Ecological outcomes verification is the global movement and, along with educating and supporting landholders in their quest to improve the land they farm, is a key focus of the Land to Market Australia program.

    Ecological Outcome Verified is the name of the certification seal which will be awarded to land following clear demonstration of improvements in the areas of soil health, biodiversity, ecosystem function, etc).

  • How is ecological outcome verification different from other quality assurance schemed for food production?

    Ecological Outcome Verified certification is unique in that is awarded based upon outcomes, rather than based on the inputs or processes followed.