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Australian Holistic Management Cooperative welcomes retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of food, beverages and fibre to become L2MA Market Partners. Market Partners commit to supporting the values of L2MA and the efforts of our farmers and producers to improve the ecological health of their land.

This means that Market Partners are able to forge links with producers and consumers who are aligned with their business directions and are demanding ethical and regenerative products.

L2MA provides branding to distinguish a Partner's produce or outlet, and in return:

  • Market Partners must commit to supporting the values of the brand, as expressed in the 'brand wheel' below.
  • L2MA will encourage its farmers to supply to Market Partners, which may allow for their use of Ecological Outcome Verification branding.
  • Market Partners must prefer supply from L2MA and encourage farmers to join L2MA.
Please Contact Us to discover more about the possibilities.

Brand wheel